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    Impact of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic on changes in the financing and delivery of forestry education in Poland – a case study / Wpływ pandemii SARS-CoV-2 na zmiany w finansowaniu i prowadzeniu edukacji leśnej w Polsce – studium przypadku
    (Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-12-30) Zbucki, Łukasz ; Radwańska, Katarzyna
    Subject and purpose of work: The SARS-CoV-2 pandemic has significantly changed the shape and organization of education in the State Forests, hence the purpose of this study is to assess its impact on the course, financing, forms and participation of youth and adults in forest education in Poland. Materials and methods: The study was based on hitherto unpublished quantitative data concerning the educational activities of forest districts carried out in 2011-2021. Qualitative methods, including online surveys, were also used. Due to the largest area of forests under its management in Poland, the RDSF Szczecin was selected as the study area. Results: An analysis of expenditures on forest education was carried out, identifying forest districts with the highest and lowest costs. Conclusions: The mixed methods used allowed for a more complete interpretation of the results, as well as the presentation of the figures in a statistical context.
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    The nutritional value and health benefits of sweet corn kernels (Zea mays ssp. saccharata)
    (Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-10-19) Baranowska, Alicja
    The aim of this paper was to review scientific studies concerning the nutritional value and healthy properties of sweet corn kernels. Sweet corn (Zea mays ssp. saccharata) is a popular vegetable in America and many European countries. It is also increasingly recognized in Poland. The practical benefits of sugar corn result, among others, from the nutritional value of caryopses and their taste. The review of the literature of the research subject presented in this paper allows us to state that sugar corn caryopses are a source of carbohydrates (simple sugars, starch), protein, vitamins, mineral ingredients, phenolic acids, carotenoids and dietary fiber. The results of chemical analyses prove that sugar corn kernels do not contain gluten; therefore, this plant plays a particularly important role in the nutrition of people with coeliac disease, and corn flour is a valuable product in the food industry. An increasing number of research evidence shows that the regular consumption of wholemeal corn reduces the risk of developing many chronic diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, obesity, type 2 diabetes, and digestive diseases. The analysis of the literature of the research subject allows us to conclude that sugar corn should be a permanent element of everyday diet, particularly because it can be consumed both in a fresh and processed form all year round. Keywords: sweet corn, chemical constitution, nutritional value, health
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    Economic aspects of ceramic waste recycling through its use as aggregate in mineral-asphalt mixtures / Ekonomiczne aspekty recyklingu odpadów ceramicznych przez ich wykorzystanie jako kruszywa w mieszankach mineralno-asfaltowych
    ( 2017) Zegardło, Bartosz ; Andrzejuk, Wojciech ; Andrzejewicz, Urszula ; Nitychoruk, Jerzy
    Subject and purpose of work: This article is a continuation of ongoing research; whose primary aim was to show ceramic waste as a full-value substrate for the production of mineral-asphalt mixtures. The authors, basing on the examined characteristics of aggregate obtained in the process of crushing the socalled “ceramic cullet”, present the thesis that this material can be a full-fledged aggregate for concretes used in road construction. The authors emphasize ecological advantages of such a solution. The purpose of this research was to analyse whether such measures as those described above are economically justifiable. Materials and methods: In the article, based on business data, the costs were estimated and compared to the prices of the aggregates used by companies producing asphalt mixtures. Results: Economic comparisons have shown that the costs of described recycling were not satisfactory. Conclusions: Taking into account the ecological effect, it is recommended that ceramic waste is recycled by using it for the production of mineral-asphalt mixes for general use.
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    Possibility of industrial hemp cultivation in areas of high nature value / Możliwości uprawy konopi włóknistych na obszarach przyrodniczo cennych
    (Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa im. Papieża Jana Pawła II w Białej Podlaskiej, 2018-07-04) Zadrożniak, Bogumił ; Radwańska, Katarzyna ; Baranowska, Alicja ; Mystkowska, Iwona
    Subject and purpose of work: The aim of this work is to present the possibilities of cultivating varieties of industrial hemp which are registered in Poland in areas of high nature value. Materials and methods: This work is a type of overview; it describes characteristic features of areas of high nature value. It also presents specific biological properties, cultivation and agrotechnical requirements, as well as the versatility of industrial hemp usage. Results: This study demonstrated considerable importance of industrial hemp in developing areas of high nature value, in accordance with the idea of sustainable development. Conclusions: Due to the specific biological properties of industrial hemp, its low cultivation and agrotechnical requirements and lack of the need to use pesticides, industrial hemp can be successfully grown in areas of high nature value.
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    Back pain as a factor of disability in women over 50 from Biała Podlaska and the surrounding areas
    (Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa im. Papieża Jana Pawła II w Białej Podlaskiej, 2019-12-20) Pocztarska-Głos, Agata ; Sidor, Mirosława ; Gawlik, Krystyna ; Begier, Barbara ; Stępień, Ewa ; Baj-Korpak, Joanna ; Szepeluk, Adam
    Background. Chronic back pain is one of the most common causes of disability. It is a civilisation disease and up to 75% of women over the age of 55 suffer from it. The aim of this study was to assess the degree of disability and limitations in the daily functioning of women with lumbar spine pain depending on socio-demographic factors. Material and methods. T he s tudy included a group of 274 professionally active women aged between 50 and 64 who come from Biała Podlaska, Poland, and the surrounding areas and who completed the Oswestry Disability Index. The responses showed functional limitations of the respondents during performing specific activities due to back pain. The respondents were characterised with regard to their age, place of residence, education and material status. The results were analysed statistically. Results. The most numerous group included women with moderate disability – 41.6%. Lower back pain intensifies when sitting, standing, walking, lifting objects and applies mainly to women from the oldest age group, women having secondary and lower education, women from the city and those whose financial situation is below the average. Conclusions. A sociodemographic factor that differentiates the degree of the women’s disability in a significant way is their material status – the better the financial situation, the less severe the disability. Sociodemographic factors – such as age, education and material status – are strong determinants of functional limitations caused by back pain: women from the oldest age group (60-64 years old) had the biggest problem with walking; women with secondary or lower education experienced difficulty sitting and walking; women whose financial situation is below the average suffered much more difficulties while lifting objects, sitting and socialising.