Medical aspects of civilization diseases in the modern world

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Sokołowska, Barbara
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Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa im. Papieża Jana Pawła II w Białej Podlaskiej
Medical aspects of civilization diseases in the world today is the title of the monograph that allows you to understand the deep roots of many civilization diseases. It brings a fundamental understanding of the causes which are deposited in the current society characterized by diverse etiology, pathogenesis, and treatment methods diagnostic and ways to prevent them. Progress in medicine is just one of the pillars of the lengthening of life of people in industrialized countries with a high standard of living. The authors of these works, experienced clinicians, basing on their own experience and professional life as scientists in various fi elds of medicine show health problems of modern society. What is extremely important is the development of most of the work, based on the world’s latest scientifi c reports. Articles represent the position of experts in the fi eld of gastroenterology, surgery, neurology, oncology and bioethics. These studies affect so important topics as lifestyle diseases, the possibility of reparative medicine, the use of artifi cial organs and advances in transplantation. The monograph consists of two parts containing review articles and original papers each of which is a separate chapter in the fi eld of medicine. The work presented in the fi rst part of the monograph concentrate on medical aspects of health of the population and show their characteristics. The second part of the monograph contains the works of Polish public opinion about the transplantology. All presented works undoubtedly broaden scientifi c achievements in the fi eld of medicine, showing the diversity and multidimensionality. They contribute to the refl ection, “Primum non nocere,” and that is a timely invitation to all to not to harm patients.
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civilization diseases, health problems, transplantology