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    Physical activity and psychological well-being of Hungarian athletes and sports professionals: challenges and opportunities in Hungarian sports sector – summary
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-12-30) Maksymiuk, Anna ; Weiner, Marcin
    The Part II of this issue of Health Problems of Civilization (4/2022) includes exclusively the works by the team of the researchers from the University of Pécs, Hungary, led by Prof. Pongrác Ács, PhD. The articles deal with the topics related to physical activity and mental well-being of the professional group that includes athletes and sports professionals in Hungary. In this context, the manuscripts also present the challenges and problems that the Hungarian sports sector is currently facing; and at the same time, they describe opportunities for the development of sports in the country. The first article by Derkács et al. aims to analyze the changing exercising frequency, the well-being, the mental health, as well as the social relationships before and during the curfew of the COVID-19 first wave. The data collection was May-June in 2020 via an online questionnaire survey amongst the sportsmen and professionals in the sports sector. The sample was classified into four sectors: elite sportsmen, recreational sportsmen, sports professionals and multiple roles. There was a significant difference at the exercising frequency before and during the curfew between the sectors. The well-being, the mental health and the social relations did not show any significant differences. Regarding physical activity, there were decreases in weekly average in every category. The authors concluded that the curfew of the COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the exercising frequency and physical activity amongst the sportsmen and professionals in the sports sector.
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    Analysis of knowledge on probiotics among adults living in the Biała Podlaska County (Lublin Voivodship)
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-12-30) Jakimiuk, Katarzyna ; Tokarska-Rodak, Małgorzata
    Background. Lactic acid bacteria of the Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium genera are mainly used as probiotics. Their effect on the human organism is multidirectional, hence they are used both in prevention and treatment of many disease entities. The aim of the study was to analyze the level of knowledge about probiotics among adult residents of the city of Biała Podlaska and Biała Podlaska County (Lublin Voivodship, Poland). Material and methods. The survey was conducted among 116 adults meeting the criterion of place of residence. An original survey questionnaire was used as a research tool. Results. The majority of the respondents knew the definition of probiotics; food products which are their source were also correctly indicated. Probiotics were most commonly used during antibiotic therapy, with dietary supplements being the preferred form of probiotic use. The overwhelming majority of the respondents believe that probiotics have a positive impact on the human body, mainly through their effect on intestinal regulation. No one indicated that probiotics could have a negative effect on health. More than half of the respondents also know what prebiotics are and only a few use synbiotics. Conclusions. The vast majority of the adults participating in the survey use probiotics, know their beneficial effects on the human body, and are familiar with their natural dietary sources. Knowledge of the negative effects of probiotic supplementation and the use of prebiotics and synbiotics is less widespread; therefore, it is important to strive to continuously raise public awareness of these issues by undertaking educational and informational activities.
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    Funkcjonowanie rodziny dziecka z zespołem Downa w wybranych aspektach. Analiza zjawiska w świetle badań własnych / Chosen functioning aspects of down syndrome child’s family. Individual research-based analysis
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-08-30) Sokołowska, Barbara ; Kociubińska, Jolanta Janina
    Celem pracy było ukazanie wybranych aspektów funkcjonowania rodziny po urodzeniu dziecka z zespołem Downa. Materiał i metody: Do badania wykorzystano autorskie narzędzie badawcze – kwestionariusz ankiety. W analizie statystycznej uwzględniono 161 kwestionariuszy wypełnionych drogą internetową przez uczestniczących w badaniu rodziców. Wyniki: Większość rodziców z badanej grupy po urodzeniu dziecka z zespołem Downa czuła bezradność i strach, nie byli do tego przygotowani. Wnioski: Część badanych rodzin nie wiedziała, że urodzi się w ich rodzinie dziecko z zespołem Downa i w związku z tym pojawiły się u nich zachowania negatywne. Połowa badanej grupy uznała, że urodzenie takiego dziecka w ich rodzinie wzmocniło więzi rodzinne.
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    Type D personality and sense of coherence among female Polish national soccer players
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-07-13) Kasprowicz, Marcin ; Rutkowska, Elżbieta
    Background. The popularity of soccer, including women’s soccer, continues to grow. The training of females requires the development of standards different from those in men’s soccer. Professionalization is necessary, including adequate mental preparation. Material and methods. A total of 35 female Polish national soccer players participated in the study. This study used Polish versions of two standardized questionnaires (DS14, SOC-29), and a questionnaire developed by the authors. The authors evaluated type D personalities and their correlations with psychological resources or the ability to manage them, i.e., with the sense of coherence. Results. The obtained results, when compared to the results of standardization studies, are at the average level. Moreover, the detailed analysis of negative emotionality (NE) and social inhibition (SI) indices allowed us to identify type D personalities in 7 (20%) out of 35 subjects. These individuals scored more than 10 points on each of these scales. Conclusions. The analyses have given rise to some alarming conclusions. One in five female Polish national soccer players has a type D personality. Female players with this diagnosis have a significantly lower sense of coherence. Moreover, it has been proven that there is a significant correlation between sense of coherence and the dimensions of type D personalities. These results suggest that interventions as well as educational measures to strengthen one’s psychological resources and improve one’s coping with difficult situations or stress should be taken.
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    Physical activity and the age of respondents from Independent Cultural Centers in Poland
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-10-03) Bergier, Michał ; Bergier, Barbara
    Background. The purpose of the following research is to present the physical activity of a niche group – people from Independent Cultural Centers (ICCs) – and to show the relationship between physical activity and the age of the respondents. Material and methods. The study group consisted of people between the ages of 19 and 46 who were active in associations that form ICCs in Poland (in Warsaw, Lublin, Gliwice, and Wroclaw). The International Physical Activity Questionnaire short form (IPAQ-SF) was used to identify the level of physical activity. In order to show the differences between the physical activity of older and younger respondents, they were divided into two groups: 1st group ≤ 30 years, 2nd group ≥ 31 years. Results. The analyses showed that the age of the respondents has an impact on the physical activity undertaken. More favorable, statistically significant results in analyses of vigorous physical activity (VPA) and moderate physical activity (MPA) were obtained by the younger group. Conclusions. Participation in physical activity declines with age. There is a need to create an offer that encourages leisure-time physical activity that is attractive to older groups. Despite the more favorable analysis results of the younger group’s declared physical activity, the results of the older respondents compare favorably to the groups in the studies conducted by other authors. This may indicate that the offer prepared by the associations that make up ICCs is adequately adapted to the needs of the respondents.