2023, Volume 17, Issue 3

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    Job satisfaction among nurses in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship in Poland
    (Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-08-28) Grochowska, Aneta ; Kołpa, Małgorzata
    The study aimed to examine the level of satisfaction of nursing staff with their professional work and determining the factors influencing this satisfaction. Material and methods. The research was conducted in 2020 in Podkarpackie Voivodeship, Poland, and comprised 435 nurses. The data were collected using the authors’ questionnaire, the Minnesota Satisfaction Questionnaire, and the Job Satisfaction Scale. Results. More than half of respondents are satisfied with their work and working conditions. Regarding problematic situations at work, 59.3% received sufficient help from other staff members. The main reason for dissatisfaction among nurses was low salary and working under pressure (>50%). Conclusions. According to the results, the nursing staff are devoted to their work and, in most cases, find it satisfying. Working with other people and providing help in difficult situations is of high value to all of them. It influences their job satisfaction, often undermined by difficult working conditions, low pay, and immense pressure.
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    The influence of sports on emotional control in cadets of the National Guard оf Ukraine at the beginning of the war
    (Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-06-28) Bodnar, Ivanna ; Andres, Andrii ; Kryzhanovskyi, Valeriy ; Shvets, Vadym
    The ability to adequately respond to various emotional situations is vital for law enforcement officers to work effectively in peacetime. In times of war, the importance of emotional control increases. Material and methods. A survey (in Google forms) of cadets of the Kyiv Institute of the National Guard of Ukraine (n=282) was conducted. Depending on whether they played sports, the respondents were divided into 2 groups (n=171 and n=111, respectively). Spielberger’s method was advocated. And the Courtlaud Emotional Control Scale. Results. The anxiety levels of athlete cadets and those who had stopped regular training did not differ. An average level of emotional control was recorded. The anxiety control score was close to low. Significant differences were found in the anxiety and depression control scores of cadets who regularly performed physical exercise and those who did not participate in sports. Conclusions. At the beginning of the war, the level of anxiety among cadets was high. Among cadets who play sports, there was no high level of anxiety control, aggression, or depression, as expected from athletes. This can be explained by the different intensity of emotions and their control, as well as the insufficient duration of sports training among cadets.
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    Impact of Zumba training on body composition and eating behavior in obese women during COVID-19
    (Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-08-26) Akyilmaz, Gulsah ; Ozdurak-Singin, Rabia Hurrem ; Cicek, Guner
    The aim of the study was to compare the effect of 8 weeks of online Zumba exercises and walking on body composition, eating attitude and body image perception in overweight and obese women during the pandemic. Material and methods. A cohort of 150 obese women aged between 20 and 40 years old were classified as Control (n=50), Walking (n=50) and Zumba (n=50) groups. All groups received dietary counselling, while the Zumba and walking groups received 8 weeks of exercise intervention. Bioimpedance, Body Image Scale and Three-Factor Nutrition Questionnaire-Revised 18 Items Scale were used to assess body composition, body image satisfaction and eating behavior, respectively. Paired Sample T test and ANOVA analysis were used at the significance level of α=0.05. Results. Walking a nd Z umba e xercise g roups h ad l ower BMI, f at m ass, f at p ercentage a nd w aist-tohip ratio. The body image increased significantly in both walking and Zumba groups, while a decline was determined in the control group at the end of the study. Uncontrolled eating, emotional eating and sensitivity to hunger decreased in walking and Zumba groups, while there was no significant difference in cognitive restrain for all three groups. Conclusions. It can be concluded that 8-week home-based online Zumba exercise with self-monitoring via Smartphone apps was as effective as walking for improving body composition and eating attitudes of overweight and obese women.
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    Using accelerometers as a method for improving compliance with physical activity recommendations in the treatment of obesity in children
    (Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-08-28) Stelmach, Marian J. ; Protas, Piotr ; Tenderenda-Banasiuk, Edyta ; Kuroczycka-Saniutycz, Elżbieta ; Wasilewska, Anna ; Lemiesz, Marta
    The evidence has showed that increasing physical activity is a particularly important element not only in prevention but also in the treatment of obesity. This study aimed to examine whether the use of accelerometers for monitoring physical activity is a sufficient motivator to adhere the recommended level of physical activity. Material and methods. The prospective study involved 44 obese children and adolescents aged 5 to 17 who were registered with the Pediatric Nephrology Department at the Medical University of Bialystok, Poland. Participants had to wear a device for at least 12 hours per day for 56 consecutive days. Anthropometric measurements were made at the beginning of the study and after eight weeks of physical activity monitoring. Results. The presented study results far exceeded the recommended amount of the average physical activity energy expenditure of young patients in the first two weeks. In the following weeks, the amount of daily energy expenditure gradually diminished, but finally, the average BMI Z-score was reduced from 2.80±0.64 at baseline to 2.48±0.27 at the end of the study (p<0.0147). Conclusions. The study demonstrates that tracking of physical activity may be an essential factor to improve compliance with physical activity recommendations.
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    The problem of interhemispheric asymmetry in determining individual lateral preferences in children with intellectual disabilities
    (Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-08-21) Azatyan, Tereza
    The purpose of the study was a theoretical review of the problem of interhemispheric asymmetry and lateral preferences in children with intellectual disabilities. Data analysis from numerous studies in neuropsychology have allowed a new view of the possibility of developing compensatory mechanisms for various disorders of higher mental functions with specific features of the lateral organization profile types of motor and sensory functions that play a basic role in the mental development of children with disabilities. The analysis of the presented scientific approaches and factual studies allow to state the presence of hidden contradictions in the issues of determining correlations of interhemispheric asymmetry in impaired development. The review of the literature presented in this paper proves the presence of qualitative peculiarities of the organization of movements in brain of schoolchildren with intellectual disabilities. At the same time, the theoretical analysis revealed a lack of consensus on the influence of lateral preferences in the difficulties encountered, which determines the relevance and necessity of further search for opportunities to use neuropsychological data and the individual lateral preferences in the development of movement skills.