Physical activity: prevention and support in the fight against depression Aktywność fizyczna: profilaktyka i wspomaganie walki z depresją

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Ochotnicka, Aleksandra
Marcinkiewicz, Anita
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Akademia Bialska im. Jana Pawła II
After reviewing the study conducted by Marszałek et al., which focuses on physical activity as a supportive form for emotional intelligence in the treatment of depressive disorders, we believe that this work addresses a topic of significant importance to both physicians and patients – the utility of physical activity in preventing and treating depression. Depression is a leading mental illness, causing disability worldwide. From 1990 to 2017, the global incidence of depression increased by almost 50%. Limited social awareness causes delayed reporting of patients to specialists and delayed treatment. Depression often leads to suicidal acts among the affected individuals, with suicides being one of the main causes of death among young people. The primary methods of treating this condition include antidepressant medication and psychotherapy alone or in combination. Due to the constant rise in incidences, it is necessary to explore new treatment possibilities and prevent the development of depression.
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emotional intelligence, physical activity, sport, depression, prevention, inteligencja emocjonalna, aktywność fizyczna, depresja, profilaktyka
Ochotnicka A, Marcinkiewicz A. Physical activity: prevention and support in the fight against depression. Health Prob Civil. 2024; 18(1): 3-4.