2022, Volume 15, Issue 2

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    Differences in defining the virtual and traditional teams / Różnice w definiowaniu zespołów wirtualnych i tradycyjnych
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-06-30) Seliverstova, Yana
    Subject and purpose of work: This paper aims to review the current literature on virtual teams in order to compile what we, as a scientific community, know about virtual teams and their management Materials and methods: This research study is based on a systematic literature review of the Scopus database. Results: The study provides a holistic definition of virtual teams and their classification based on a variety of criteria. It also discusses types of virtual teams as well as their benefits and drawbacks.. The key characteristics of virtual team management are analysed in relation to traditional team management Conclusions: In 2022, virtual teams are promising and dynamically developing as digital technologies, current globalisation and the COVID19 pandemic allow for and even enforce remote work. This form of employment is beneficial and convenient, but at the same time, associated with some risks and difficulties that can be avoided with the proper organisation of the process.
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    Leadership in organisations: characteristics, importance, methods of management in different sectors / Przywództwo w organizacji: charakterystyka, znaczenie, sposób zarządzania w poszczególnych sektorach
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-06-30) Patejczyk, Nikodem ; Kobos, Edgar Krzysztof
    Subject and purpose of work: The aim of the article is to organize the creativity of the researchers in the field of leadership. The phenomenon of leadership is present in all the organizations and structures, both official and informal. Materials and methods: For the preparation of the article, scientific publications published in the 21st century and the last quarter of the 20th century were analyzed. Results: An effective leader can build a team or institution from scratch, and an ineffective leader can lead to its collapse. As leaders vary, researchers have proposed several different typologies of leaders. Conclusions: The scientific achievements so far developed by independent researchers in the analyzed area over the last 50 years enable effective verification of the activities of team managers. In the future, research should be undertaken to determine the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the way in which leadership functions are carried out.
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    A successful social enterprise in Hungary / Skuteczność przedsiębiorstwa społecznego na Węgrzech
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-06-30) Lipták, Katalin ; Szűcsné Markovics, Klára ; Horváthné Csolák, Erika ; Musinszki, Zoltán
    Subject and purpose of work: The aim of the study is to describe the development of the social economy sector, the emergence of social enterprises and the rationale for their establishment. Materials and methods: It is through social enterprises, that the social economy can provide solutions to existing social and economic problems that the profit-oriented sector cannot always solve. We interviewed Szimbiózis Foundation, a social enterprise that has been thriving in Northern Hungary for decades as one of the building blocks of the social economy. Results: The example of the foundation is used to illustrate positive social benefits of social entrepreneurship in general. The Szimbiózis Foundation has been operating as a social enterprise for 15 years and has intentionally become one. A fundamental problem for people with disabilities is that they do not have marketable occupations and their educational attainment is mostly low. Appropriate quality training is needed to ensure that they learn the most relevant skills for their abilities. Having identified this problem, the Szimbiózis Foundation set out to provide training courses for people with disabilities. This improved the number of skilled workers with a disability. Conclusions: The identified outputs have a number of measurable effects, such as a reduction in local unemployment, cost savings to society, and the improved quality of life for people with disabilities.
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    The role of women in the rural development of Kosovo: Evidence from Skenderaj Municipality / Rola kobiet w rozwoju obszarów wiejskich Kosowa na przykładzie gminy Srbica
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2022-06-30) Sallahu, Sokol
    Subject and purpose work: The study analysed the role of women in the development of the rural areas of the municipality of Skenderaj and its agriculture. Despite the fact that the women in agriculture in this municipality are highly influential and contribute to its economic development, gender equality in the area is not at the desired level. Materials and methods: The study is based on primary and secondary sources and it aims to describe the state of the women’s rural society in the municipality of Skenderaj and the women’s role in decisionmaking at the local and national levels. Results: The results of this study show that in the Government of the Republic of Kosovo gives priority to women farmers in its agricultural policies. The support could be seen as the offer of good employment opportunities since women are the most vulnerable part of society in Kosovo. Furthermore, the support given to the women engaged in agriculture will help the agricultural sector to improve productivity, efficiency, and efficacy through a better and faster connection of producers with the market. It will also help to promote a new way of monitoring and ensuring thar agricultural products are in compliance with the set standards. Conclusions: The study confirms that the women in the municipality of Skendraj make substantial contributions to agriculture and rural enterprises. There is a wide diversity in women roles and any overgeneralisation undermines the importance and planning of policies.