2017, volume 10, issue 2

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    Perspectives of geotourism development in the Gorce I quarry / Perspektywy rozwoju geoturystyki w kamieniołomie Gorce I
    ( 2017) Zbucki, Łukasz ; Jędrusik, Maciej
    Subject and purpose of work: The purpose of the study is to present the perspectives of geotourism development in the porphyry quarry Gorce I, which is situated in the Wałbrzyskie mountains. Currently the exploitation of this quarry is suspended. Materials and methods: This work was written after studying the literature on this subject and conducting field research, during which terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) was used, among others. The material gathered during field research was used, among other things, to create a 3D model of the Gorce I quarry. Results: The research and analyses conducted in the porphyry quarry Gorce I allowed for designating a geotourist trail where information boards were placed. Conclusions: The research conducted in the Gorce I quarry confirms the possibility of utilizing this excavation pit for geotourism purposes.
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    The structure of retail trade and interactions among retail network establishments (on the example of Biała Podlaska) / Struktura handlu detalicznego i wzajemne oddziaływania obiektów sieci handlowej (na przykładzie miasta Biała Podlaska).
    ( 2017) Adamowicz, Mieczysław ; Siedlanowski, Paweł
    Subject and purpose of work: The subject of this work is to present contemporary trends and changes in retail trade as well as functions performed by this sector, with particular focus on large-format retail facilities. The aim of this article is to assess the state and development factors of large-format retailers in Biała Podlaska. Materials and methods: The article was created with the application of the descriptive method and based on the literature dealing with this issue and personal research. The research material was composed of the authors’ observations and a questionnaire survey conducted on the group of 100 inhabitants of Biała Podlaska. Results: The areas of retail services supplied by the retail network, distribution and mutual interaction between the main retail facilities and the development prospects of the retail network in the city were presented. Conclusions: The research confirms general changes in trade manifested by the expansion of super and hypermarkets, as well as discount stores, also in smaller cities, where chains adjust retail space to local conditions.
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    The concept of “book town” as an innovative way of using local resources for tourism purposes / Koncepcja „miasta książek” jako innowacyjny sposób wykorzystania zasobów lokalnych na cele turystyczne
    (Państwowa Szkoła Wyższa im. Papieża Jana Pawła II w Białej Podlaskiej, 2017) Gralak, Katarzyna
    Subject and purpose of work: The aim of this paper is to present the origin and assumptions of the concept of “book towns”, along with the conditions of its development and different ways of using this concept in shaping tourist attractiveness. Materials and methods: This paper was prepared on the basis of domestic and foreign literature overview, as well as with the case study method. The examples presented in this article encompass four “book towns” from different continents (Hay-On-Wye in Wales, Torup in Denmark, Clunes in Australia and Paju in South Korea). Results: Each of the analysed towns has a unique identity and its own idea of development. A book served as a tool for building social capital, entrepreneurship development (particularly in Torup) and forming new tourist destinations. Conclusions: The concept of “book town”, which was created in the 60s of the twentieth century, still arouses the interest of local communities and various groups of visitors, including, among others, tourists, booksellers and bibliophiles. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that a “book town” offers not only economic benefits but is primarily a tool for comprehensive interpretation and protection of local culture.
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    Measuring efficiency of websites of agrotouristic farms from Poland and Slovakia / Pomiar efektywności witryn internetowych gospodarstw agroturystycznych z Polski i Słowacji
    ( 2017) Król, Karol ; Halva, Jozef
    Subject and purpose of work: The aim of the paper was to study traditional measures of efficiency of websites of agrotouristic farms from Poland and Slovakia. Materials and methods: It was assumed that basic measures of efficiency of a website of an agrotouristic farm are: a number of displays, mean time spent by a user in a website and also a mean number of pages which were browsed. 200 websites were analysed and their addresses were gained from online catalogues. The amounts of established measures were gained by means of SimilarWeb application. Results: In case of websites of agrotouristic farms from Poland, statistical data were available for 54 websites whereas for Slovak websites – there were 52 of them. There was by about 15.5% less number of views on the websites of Polish farms in contrast to Slovak ones, however there were Polish websites where users spent more time. In holiday months, tested websites had the highest viewer rating. Conclusions: Performed surveys brought a series of methodical questions. Gained statistics of websites’ usage do not tell much about differences in the Internet using rate in promotion of agrotouristic farms in Poland and Slovakia.