2023, Volume 17, Issue 1

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    Analysis of vitamin D content in dietary supplements available in the EU
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-01-08) Domański, Maciej ; Domańska, Anna ; Żukiewicz-Sobczak, Wioletta ; Weiner, Marcin
    Background. Vitamin D occurs in two forms: D2 (ergocalciferol) and D3 (cholecalciferol). Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to rickets in children, while in adults to osteoporosis, depression and multiple sclerosis. The aim of the pilot study was to analyze dietary supplements in terms of the actual content of vitamin D3. Material and methods. The object of the study was ten random samples of dietary supplements from different manufacturers containing in their composition different values of vitamin D3. The manufacturers included a declaration on the content of vitamin D3 on the packaging. The actual content of vitamin D3 was determined using high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The content of vitamin D3 was determined based on a standard curve. Sigma Aldrich’s Cholecalciferol standard was used. Results. In all the analyzed dietary supplements, the actual content of vitamin D is much lower than declared by the manufacturer. The carried-out tests revealed that the content of vitamin D3 in the analyzed supplements varied from 1.02 to 59.56 μg. In three cases borderline low values of vitamin D3 were noted. Furthermore, supplement 6 and 9 contained too low dosage of vitamin D3 to supplement a daily demand of an organism for this vitamin. Conclusions. Controlling the shortage of vitamin D in an organism decreases the risk of occurrence of civilization diseases. The results of own pilot studies and studies of other authors prove that this type of research should be continued in a wider scope on various food categories.
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    Long-term research of schoolchildren spinal cord mobility: age aspects and enhancement methods
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-03-27) Hakobyan, Elena ; Ter-Margaryan, Nune
    Background. The aim of this research was to reveal the age-related characteristics of schoolchildren spinal cord mobility changes and experimentally substantiate the methods of their improvement in the long-term process of physical education. Material and methods. The two age groups were simultaneously investigated: primary school (1- 4th grades) and secondary school (5-9th grades) children. The author’s methods of schoolchildren spinal mobility improvement were included in the physical education lessons of the trial groups, while in the control groups, the lesson was conducted according to the school curriculum. Results. The results of the long-term study revealed features of spinal mobility indicator dynamics at the stage of school ontogenesis. The data of annual testing demonstrates an improvement in the indicators of spinal mobility among the male and female schoolchildren of the experimental groups. The results obtained in the control group show that at the stage of school ontogenesis, their deterioration is possible. Conclusions. This underpins the assertion that a factor of great significance in improving spinal mobility is not the peculiarities of age-related development but the special method. Thus, the necessity to include a special set of exercises aimed at improving spinal mobility, in the content of a school curriculum in physical education, was confirmed.
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    Validity of three hip-worn pedometers for step counts in a laboratory setting
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-01-24) Karaca, Ayda ; Demirci, Necip ; Hazır Aytar, Sinem ; Can, Sema ; Yılmaz, Vedat ; Ünver, Evrim
    Background. Objectively measuring physical activity with a functional and inexpensive device is important in large-scale health research. Therefore, this study aimed to determine the validity of the Omron HJ-321 (HJ-321), Omron GoSmart HJ-112 (HJ-112), and Yamax SW200 Digiwalker (YX) for measuring step counts (SC) obtained from the sum of different speeds in a laboratory setting. Material and methods. A total of 26 healthy males aged between 19 and 35 years (26.4±6.3 years) participated voluntarily. During the 10-minute treadmill protocol, the participants were asked to wear HJ-321 and HJ-112 pedometers on the right side and YX on both sides of their hips. The digital image processing code was written in MATLAB (R2013B) for calculating the actual step counts (ASC) with 100% accuracy. The SC for all the pedometers and ASC were recorded simultaneously. Results. HJ-112 and YX have a small Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) of <10%, while the HJ- 321 showed a high MAPE of >10%. There was a significant correlation between the ASC and the HJ-112, and the YX worn both on right and left sides (respectively, ICC and 95%CI: 0.583 (0.069, 0.813); 0.638 (0.193, 0.838); 0.516 (-0.079, 0.783)). However, a significant correlation was not found for the HJ-321 (0.025 (-1.212, 0.570)). Conclusions. This study shows that the HJ-112 and YX on both sides are valid for measuring total step count during 10 minutes of walking and running in a laboratory setting.
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    Epidemiological trends of antibiotic-resistant Neisseria gonorrhea in the EU/EEA/European region: a systematic review
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-01-19) Gill, Gurkeerat
    Neisseria gonorrhea is becoming more resistant to available antibiotic treatments. The growing antibiotic resistance of Neisseria gonorrhea in clinical isolates has been observed by different national surveillance systems around the globe and is posing a serious public health risk. The EU/EEA/European region is equally impacted by this developed antibiotic resistance in Neisseria gonorrhea isolates. Hence, this systematic review is focused to uncover the antibiotic resistance patterns of Neisseria gonorrhea across different countries in the EU/EEA/European region. The database PubMed and journal “Eurosurveillance” were used to search for the articles published between 2000-2020. Eight analytical studies that filled the selection criteria were included in the review. In the EU/EEA/European region, susceptibility and resistance of Neisseria gonorrhea toward different antibiotics varied from country to country. Neisseria gonorrhea displayed higher susceptibility toward spectinomycin and azithromycin and also displayed a high level of resistance to ciproflaxin and penicillin. With the antibiotics that are currently effective, there is a higher chance that Neisseria gonorrhea will develop gradual resistance toward those antibiotics in future too. Therefore, continuous surveillance of antibiotic-resistant Neisseria gonorrhea and health promotion awareness programs, and also investments in new effective antibiotic inventions can be helpful to tackle this issue.
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    Emotional intelligence and personality as correlates of the psychological well-being of adolescents: a cross-sectional study in north India
    (Akademia Bialska Nauk Stosowanych im. Jana Pawła II, 2023-03-27) Seema, Seema ; Manju, Manju
    Background. This study examines the relationship between emotional intelligence (EI), personality types, and adolescents’ perceived psychological well-being (PWB) and identifies the most significant predictors of PWB among adolescents. Material and methods. Using a method of purposive sampling, data were obtained from 400 male and female teenagers in Haryana state, India. For data analysis, the t-test, Pearson correlation, and regression analysis were used. Results. The results of t-rest demonstrated that male and female adolescents differ on neuroticism and psychoticism, the two subdimensions of personality types. Correlation analysis revealed that EI, personality, and PWB are significantly correlated with each other. In addition, regression analysis revealed that EI, extroversion, neuroticism, and psychoticism are four significant predictors of PWB. Conclusions. The study suggests some recommendations for parents and psychologists to be incorporated for better well-being of adolescents. EI and personality play vital roles in PWB and both are significant predictors of PWB.